M&A / Pivot

M&A / Pivot

🧩 Objectives of M&A

When preparing to make their next big investment, all firms face the same set of challenges, though they may have different goals in making acquisitions.

While each deal has a specific strategic goal, the most common objectives include:

  • Increasing market share
  • Capturing synergies
  • Taking advantage of supply chain benefits
  • Diversifying products and/or services
  • Increasing value to shareholders

💼 Manfred’s Experience and Qualifications

  • Long-term collaboration with Veepee during their IT architecture overhaul
  • Audits performed for a wide range of IT organizations provided insights into M&A risks and strategies (and their outcomes)

💡 How PMG Can Help

Lack of foresight when it comes to merging IT systems is one of the biggest roadblocks to a successful merger and acquisition.

When an organization is going through a merger or acquisition, IT infrastructure will often go through significant and rapid transformation, sometimes at an unprecedented scale.

PMG Consulting can support you in strategically planning for such transitions by providing concrete advice in making this process as smooth and predictable as possible.