Product Management

Product Management

🪀 What Is Product Management?

Product management is fundamental to driving innovation and business growth. It spans from strategic objectives to tactical activities, including:

  • Setting a product vision and strategy and delivering unique value based on customer demands. This includes a definition of user personas and an analysis of the market and competitors.
  • Defining what the product team will deliver and the timeline for implementation. This includes a release plan, capturing feedback and ideas, and prioritizing features.
  • Providing cross-functional leadership, i.e., between engineering teams, sales, and marketing. Regularly communicating progress on the product roadmap and ensuring everyone is aligned with the vision are both essential.

💼 Manfred’s Experience

  • My years of auditing experience have given me competence in sharing multiple tried-and-tested product strategies with managers and product teams
  • Working with companies serving diverse markets and across the maturity spectrum allow me to draw from a wide breadth of experience

💡 How PMG can help

  • We can evaluate whether your product strategy makes sense for your project's maturity. PMG Consulting can help you to ensure that every stakeholder shares a common vision.
  • We can review the product roadmap and define feature prioritization by making sure that the business objectives will be met.
  • PMG Consulting can help you to define an OKR.