Advisory Board Membership

Advisory Board Membership

🎯 Services

We help leaders (and future leaders) in the software industry to work smarter and faster by providing insights, actionable strategies, and practical tools.

We give budding companies expert advice to help them acquire subject matter expertise, coach a CEO or management team, accelerate access to customers, and channel partners.

As part of your advisory board, we can assist you along your company's life cycle, helping you succeed in common (and challenging) scenarios, such as:

🚀 Experiencing rapid growth

🤝 Building strategic partnerships

💲 Raising funds

🛠 Technical or operational difficulties

😣 Succession issues

✔ Objectives

  • Provide strategic reflection on your progress so far; help with performance benchmarking
  • Assist with high-level assessment of your current position and future plans; be a sounding board for ideas; focus your search for possible weaknesses or blind spots
  • Provide neutral strategic advice (this is the advantage of soliciting external advisors!)
  • Bring you our industry knowledge and skills, acquired from years of experience working with IT companies of all sizes; share latest trends and standards

👉 Offer

  • Board meeting participation
  • On-demand private meetings

👥 References

Scaleway, SkillZ, Zenlaw, Holberton School, Clever Cloud